Welcome to 2022!

UPDATE 03.01.2022 Please remember that our current guidelines are still in place. All patients must wear a face mask unless they are medically exempt. All staff will be wearing full PPE and all equipment and rooms will be sanitised before and after each patient.

Staff & patients will be expected to continue to follow social distancing rules when visiting the practice as well as using face coverings, mask and other personal protection equipment. Therefore we will still:

  • Maintian social distancing,
  • All staff members wear a face mask and follow the correct use of personal protective equipment,
  • Ensure scrupulous hand washing,
  • Ensure good surface disinfection after every patient – longer appointment times,
  • Maintaining screening for COVID symptoms,
  • We request that you wear a face mask at all times – U12s exempt.

Before your appointment you will need to complete a questionnaire. (YOU WILL FIND IT HERE)

It is has alwasy been advised to get your glasses from the same practice that carries out your eye examination. At this time, it is essential to avoid doing unnecessary trips – visiting two different practices.

Most and nearly all our patients obtain their galsses from our practice. If you wish to purchase glasses from another practice, you should also have your eye examination in the same practice.

Our appointments are adjusted to accommodate the extra time required. We have a locked door policy to enable us to control the flow of people we have on the premises, hence we cannot allow you in early or late for your appointment. If you have any other questions please speak to us.

  • If you have any strange vision changes or your eyes become sore, red or painful please contact us,
  • We are part of the NHS funded MECS (Minor Eye Condition Service) – which support the hospitals and GPs when they are not seeing patients face to face,
  • Please call for our up to date opening time.
  • Remember we are still operating a lock door policy.

If you have no current issues with your eyes please be patient in booking your routine appointment.

-Sara, Jessica & Meera