Welcome to 2022!

UPDATE 10.05.2022: We have now been moved into the green phase. This means we enter a ‘new normal’.

We will incorporate the practices that we have established over the past 2 years to ensure patient and staff safety. ‘Living with COVID-19’, the Government’s current strategy, does not mean a return to practice and business as it was before the pandemic. 

The following measures will continue to apply, as outlined by our College:

  • The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recommend that all people/patients visiting health care settings should continue to be recommended to use a face covering,
  • Our staff will continue wear a fluid-resistant face mask /gloves and shield if required,
  • Our staff will continue to do regular asymptomatic lateral flow device testing, as recommended by each nation’s health system,
  • We will be maintaining high standards of infection prevention and control procedures, including good hand hygiene, decontaminating equipment after use or contact with you the patient and keeping up to date with the recommended immunization.

Social distances has been removed, and our door will be open but will be locked if we feel the need to.

For collections, you will still need an appointment. We will always try and accommodate to make these appointments as soon as possible.

If you are concerned in any way about coming in — please tell our staff and we will arrange a quieter time with less people in .

You no longer have to complete a health questionnaire — but please do not come in if you have any changes to your health.

-Sara, Jessica & Meera

PLEAE NOTE: We have no public conveniences on the premises.