Specialist Service

The Franklin Spilt

Two pairs of lenses in one frame. The original bifocal invented by Benjamin Franklin.

Bifocals were invented in 1784, when Ben Franklin had trouble seeing both close up and far away. Franklin had two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in a single frame.

The lower one for near vision and the top half for distance viewing.

Although there is not a lot of call for this type of spectacle with the technology available to us today, sometimes old school is the only way to go.

Dispensed & fitted all in the practice.

The Prosis Prop

Ptosis prop (also known as eye crutches) are a non-surgical solution to Ptosis, also known as drooping eyelid syndrome.

Affected eyes do not have the ability to open and close properly. In severe cases, a person is not able to open the affected eyelid.

Ptosis eye props are tools installed to existing eyewear that support the affected eyelid, enabling the eyelid to stay open and allowing an individual to see.

This type of eye wear is not widely available in your high street opticians and is totally bespoke to the patient.

The procedure to fit ptosis props to a frame was passed on to our technician by a very knowledgeable and highly skilled dispensing optician/technician some fifteen years ago and we are the last of the few that can fit these props.

Dispensed & fitted all in the practice.

The Ocutech Bi-Optics Telescope

Telescope low vision systemwith which you can achieve a level of control never before available with a high quality low vision telescope system.

Ergonomically designed to provide the combination of wide field of view, light weight, compactness and wearing comfort.

Dispensed & mounted all in the practice.